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Like other FinTech hubs, such as London or NY, Singapore clearly has the infrastructure and people in place to become a global FinTech hub. The world’s only city-state is positioned as a perfect gateway to Southeast Asian markets (Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia etc). It also benefits from a strong regulatory support, a business- friendly environment, strong networking opportunities, together with a pool of financial talents coming from all over the world. Singapore has recently seen a flurry of new tech startups springing-up. Attracted by the ease of setting-up a new business, Singaporean FinTech startups distinguish themselves by building scalable business models with cross-border offerings from their very beginning. Contrary to Chinese, Indian or even Japanese startups, Singaporean ones cannot really capitalise on the small local market (5.4M people) and have therefore no choice but to think global from their very start. This is where the Singaporean FinTech ecosystem’s strength might lie in: a red lion leveraging on its insular geography to raise FinTech stars with global ambitions.

Can Singapore leverage on its distinctive insular position to become a global FinTech hub?