In Myanmar, less than 5% of the people have access to a bank account. 

Trust in banks have been ruined by 50 years of dictatorship and arbitrary decisions. Imagine…You are in 1987. You are a Burmese farmer who owns 25, 30, or 75-kyat banknotes (the local currency in Myanmar): suddenly, General Ne Win decides to demonetise those banknotes and introduces new banknotes of 45 and 90-kyats (because in his mind, the figure 9 will bring him good fortune!). Suddenly, all your precious saving made in banknotes of 25, 30 or 75-kyats are WORTHING…NOTHING! Add to that repeated banking crisis in Myanmar from 2003 to 2007 and you understand why Burmese people have completely lost confidence in banks. 

Yet, how to provide small businesses with funds in Myanmar? How can individuals transfer money or pay electricity bills?

In 2016,  those people can be financially included – thanks to SMARTPHONES!